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try bikram yoga

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I did it and I love it! Going back for my second class today.

first class tomorrow...

...whatever happens! :) I’m really excited about this. Finally!

did pilates today!

...when I’m better at it, will try to go for bikram yoga.

7am tomorrow morning!

Whatever it takes. Need to go back to the gym. Hatha yoga class at 7am tomorrow. Time to start my days right.

a bit pricey

I checked Bikram yoga rates in Singapore and they’re a bit expensive than I originally thought. I’ll probably try it out first before I commit a huge amount of money for this. :)

maybe next week

I’ve been meaning to try bikram yoga ever since some people at work got into it last year. The only thing holding me back about this are the exorbitant fees for the classes. :( However, since health is wealth, I’m thinking maybe the classes are worth it. I just need to get into shape for 2008 and have Victoria’s Secret Angels’ abs! Haha. Seriously though, it’s time to shape up and get that hot body while I’m still young and flexible.

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