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I was so smiley today. All I have to do to acheive this goal is capture the hyper-positivity of today and inject a bit of that same happy into tomorrow, et cetera et cetera. Maintaining morale is usually my weak point, but I’ve been feeling aliveawakealertenthusiastic for an unusually long period of time. Here’s hoping it will last.


I’m not always good at this, but today it was raining, so I was smiling all day.


Breaking up after a 5.5 month relationship (my first serious one) will hinder my progress in this goal somewhat. Especially in the next few days. I’ll do my best, but I can’t guarantee instant results.

Something of a Challenge

I enjoy the company of others, but I am also independent and don’t feed off attention. As such, I occasionally get told that I look perplexed or sad when I’m simply off in my own world. Funnily enough, people (mostly bosses or parents) tend to tell me this when I’m simply feeling indifferent or even happy. I’m just one of those people who isn’t too good at keeping track of the signals their facial expressions are sending out.

But that’s beside the point. When I do bare my sharky grin, I’ve been told that smiling suits me.

Other reasons to set happy happy as my default:
The Money:

I wait tables part time, and friendly service that makes the customer feel special = tips. In the long term, developing an effortlessly personable outward demeanour will help me advance in my chosen career.

Emotional Charity:
Smiling is contagious, and a simple way to lift the moods of others. Think of how good you feel when random babies smile at you at the supermarket. They have no ulterior motive; they just enjoy the reaction they get from you. I think the little ones are onto something.

Metal Mouth:
I’m getting braces some time in the next month. I will be the only 19-year-old I know with braces, therefore I will be special. :#!

Think yourself happy. Smiling through adversity won’t get rid of it. But it can’t hurt.

Anyone want to join me? :DDDDDDD!

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