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I have to say, 2 months ish into 2012 and I have definitely been living so much healthier than I did all of the second half of 2011. I am working out almost every day, I am eating a lot better and not really drinking (and if so, very moderately, never letting myself go). I feel so much better and have lost weight in the process as well. I have learned to appreciate fruits as well as increase my fruit intake. I also started doing kickboxing which is awesome! I feel so energized and active when I do it. I started off limiting my carbs a lot but now I am just eating the healthy kind (whole wheat, fruits) not so much refined carbohydrates and sugars. I need to increase my iron intake though since I tend to forget to take it sometimes. I am happy, and I like living this way. Yay for a healthy me!


I let myself go this past semester in graduate school. I guess it is because so many experiences were new, that I was dealing with that instead of taking better care of my body. I still worked out but I felt it was more of a hassle rather than something that I enjoyed like I used to before. Eating healthy wasn’t a priority either, and I let stress win over will power and better choices. I also increased my caffeine intake (at least a cup a day) although I do admit I did drank a lot less alcohol than I used to. This was perhaps the only positive healthy thing that happened this past semester. So as I welcomed 2012 and my 25th year of life, I am also welcoming my health freak to come out once again. I intend to increase my water intake, decrease carbs, decrease amount of alcohol at once, and consider replacing tea for coffee. And, if I cannot let go of it (it is not a priority for me to leave it [coffee that is], I have accepted my dependency of it) I will only opt out for regular coffee with skim and splenda (none of that mocha triple cream stuff). If possible opt for vegetarian protein rather than meat [tofu, nuts], or white meat rather than red. Floss every night and take my iron every night (along with VitC). Start doing Yoga, again. Take my protein shake as a meal replacement to increase my protein intake. Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep at night. Limit my sugars, and obtain my intake from fruits. Practice portion control. Take my make up off every night and buy anti-aging lotion to avoid Botox 25 years from now (ha).

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