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2 years and 8 months left

Before I have to finish this one. There’s still time!

Just kidding! I want to do this again

I never took this goal off my list.. that’s because I still want to do it! So, just kidding! I’m still going to focus on freshening up my French for a while, but I would like to eventually learn Swedish. :)

Got completely side-tracked and now it doesn't look like it will happen! :(

I took off some time from learning the language because I was figuring out my new university.. but now:
1) I have to return my intructional CDs because I’ve checked them out the maximum 3 times
2) I have to get back to learning French so that I can study abroad in Africa and actually DO something useful
3) I have a list of 6 languages (the UN languages) that I need to get acquainted with so that I can get my a job at an international health org, like I want

I guess there is no question now that I have to give up this goal and shift my attention elsewhere. :(

Turning this into "learn Norwegian"

I’ve been listening to the learning CDs, and I like it! I’ll learn Swedish when I go study abroad anyway. :)

Already started on this goal a few weeks ago.. kind of..

My library doesn’t have any how to learn Swedish materials. I saw a learn Norwegian book and figured that it’s the next best thing. I don’t know if they’re awfully similar and if going through the Norwegian book would make me more frustrated when I study abroad in Sweden or not. As it turns out, I don’t even need to know Swedish, since it’s required that I take intensive language courses there. I don’t know though, I do want to travel around the Scandinavian countries at some point because one of my professors convinced me that it’s worth seeing. I just want to see what “no crime” and (virtually) “no poverty” looks like (at least that’s how she described Norway). So I guess this kind of fits into the goal.

Surprising myself!

In the midst of this chaos, I’m actually working towards this goal. I’ve glanced at audio books, and picked one that I may buy soon. I just need to get a few more paychecks. That computer repair fee really hit me hard in my backside.

I want to do this before 23!

I want to make sure to use my brain before it gets too rigidly set in the things I know. So maybe I’ll start once I transfer and have more free time. Hopefully I can study abroad there!

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