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Kiss in the rain

46 cheers


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lazzoo has written 4 entries about this goal

am i never satisfied???

Well, i have done kissing in the rain.

It was lovely but not quite rainy enough, i want full on rain that gets you soaked in seconds. so i’m not ticking this off yet.

I’ll just have to do it again!


... it’s raining

I’m so going to get this one ticked off before the spring.


Its raining, but thats as much as i can say on this goal. I’m not giving up though, it can be a long term thing.

not feeling optimistic

its never going to happen, unless it counts demanding a kiss from my daughter. And would i be an irresponsible parent if i dragged the kid out in the rain just to demand a kiss which i might or might not get, in order to accomplish this goal?

Ah well.

lazzoo has gotten 46 cheers on this goal.


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