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stop binge drinking

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35 days

I made a decision to be sober throughout January and “fell off the wagon” once early February. Falling off the wagon consisted of a dirty martini and three glasses of Chard. I think that would fit along the lines of binge drinking.

However, I have made progress. I have met friends at bars and have been in events where the booze was free and I completely held out. I’ve realized I’m the same person with or without the liquor. The witty jokes, the candid remarks – it’s all me and I’m okay without having to drink. I’ve realized that things are going to be uncomfortable sometimes, so well, let it be uncomfortable!

My goal is to drink only on special occasions and to simply hold myself back from that third glass before I head home.

social drinking/binge drinking

i think i’ve figured out when it’s appropriate. this past weekend in New York, I held back at a this fellowship/grad school networking session on the glasses of wine, loaded up on agua, and quietly mingled with everyone there. it’s a quiet sort of confidence when you aren’t drunk off your ass. and when you are (drunk of your ass) it’s like you are the star of the universe.

However, when it was over, I did go to the hotel lounge and had two glasses of wine while waiting for my good friend Ellie from Japan to meet me and THEN had two more margaritas at the hip mexican joint that we went to for dinner afterwards. the hangover was hard the next day.

eeks. like I said I figured it out the difference. that’s a start.

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