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learn how to silk screen

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Still not

doing this particular goal, but I am taking a print making class where we will do linocuts, woodcuts, etchings and other types of prints.


Pulled paint

for the first time a couple weeks ago. It was pretty cool. May get another chance soon since I need to create a couple more shirts for a project.

My brother is still a dork

Saw him a couple weeks ago for his birthday. He told me that business is slow right now. Want to be doing some of this, but he always has an excuse.

Will look elsewhere for this goal to be fulfilled I think

Entering an art show

in December so I’m going to talk to my brother to see if there’s any way we could at least do one image in silk screen for that show. I think I know which image I want to do and that it won’t be too hard to set up.

We’ll see what he says cause he’s such a big flake he’ll probably promise we can do it and then he’ll bail just like last time.

How cynical huh? Comes from years of experience with him.

Brother is a flake...

that’s all I need to say about that at the moment

Of course

this requires that my brother pulls his head out and actually teaches me.
Bugged at him tonight so I just felt like saying that.

Worked with bro

finally hooked up with my brother again and we decided on the 4 images we can complete by the Sept show deadline! Awesome!!!
We’re doing 2 black and whites, 1 flower, and 1 colorful print.
Pretty exciting start!!

Next step is he’s going to separte the 2 b&w pics and I’m going to fix the sunflower pix! We’ll get back together in a couple weeks.


Hung out with my brother for about 4 hours today working on determining which images we will be able to put together in time for the Sept. deadline for the “showing”.
I’m hoping for 3 or 4 images to be available in time. Not sure where his head is about all this.
We did narrow down the image selection to about 12 options. Pretty dang good considering that I started with a couple thousand images a couple months ago!!!
Felt a little weird about giving him my images because, frankly, I don’t trust him to not use them on his own work. Kind of feel like I just gave him a big set of my “children”. Feels a bit weird….Had to talk to myself the whole time about the fact that he knows his craft, he can make the best decisions about how we can most effectively do this work etc.
Felt in a way that he was taking over my images and making them what he wanted the to be instead of what I wanted them to be.
That aggravated me a bit I have to admit.

Need to keep the “rights” to the final say of my own images. and learn to collaborate. This could be painful. ;-)

Reviewed Images

with my brother today. Finally!
We found about 1/2 a dozen images that are feasible. A couple may need a few small tweaks but they are 85-90% ready to go. He said that he’s always been impressed with my natural talent for photography and for compostion. Told me that my dad had wanted to be a professional photographer.

I never knew that.

We will get together again in the next couple weeks to tweak the images and get the screens ready.

He thought that my work was good enough that it would sell. He then said that once we got enough images together the next goal was to get them hanging in resturants/coffee shops etc. in town then in a juried art show.

Never really thought of my stuff hanging in a place like that.

Next step is deciding on a simple 4 color image to print up so I can learn the techniques. We’ll have to get a fan in the shop first cause it was hot as hell in there today. Whew!

Good stuff!

Called my brother


Going to set up some time to look at images. Will choose and then get to work.


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