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be pmp certified

2 cheers


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Wild Ride

This last 6 months leading this project has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Lots of crazy people really…..too tired to write more.

First gig

this week started my first PM gig and think I”m doing pretty well with things. I’ve definately gone in with a good attitude and feeling pretty confident about getting people on track.

Just want to keep things professional, and not get to friendly with people. Am starting to become friends with a person and need to back it off a bit and just get things going. This is “forming” a team though and learning about each other so that’s ok. Next week, really just need to focus on what’s going on.

Part of today was just the confusion about what was happening with the whole project, where the boundries are and who is in charge of what.

Got that resolved today. Result!

Project Software Class

completed. Learned tons of stuff in this class. Very glad I took it

PMI group

Just found out there’s a PMI group in my town. Who knew??
So I’m going to join this chapter. I believe it will really help with this goal.


for the classes which start as early as Monday.
At one point for a few weeks I’ll have 3 classes going on at the same time plus hopefully working full time.

That ought to be interesting!

Signing up

for school again this term even though I hated learning on line the last time I tried it. This will keep me working toward my goal in even the slightest little way!

Need to keep track of the number of hours I’m studying for this course.

Another class

Right, so even though I HATED taking those online courses, I’m going to sign up for another one. That way, I can crank through the required education classes without paying alot of money, although, at this rate, by the time I get through them all, I will have paid almost the same abut as I would have by signing up for one long course in person.

Just wanted to have a big run on sentence. ;-)


Got A’s in both PM classes so they count toward the class room hours I need for a PMI certificate.

Got Approval

for the second class too! Yahoo!

Ordered book

and asked for waiver on the other PM class being offered at this term.
Hopefully, they will allow me to take the additonal class or the CIS class so I’m not taking the rest of my life to get through the course work requirements of this PMP certificate.

fingers crosssed

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