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lbis43 is doing 37 things including…

Complete "The Artist's Way"

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Started again

On this
Wrote morning pages for the last 2 days and feel really good about it! Need to make this part of my routine.
Trying to figure out an artist date for this week and think I’m going to go to a movie.

stuck again

carrying this book with me back and forth from my client site to home. not working on it though….

have been doing some of the artist dates, and did purchase a set of paints finally. write pretty much every day at some point in the day…guess that all counts.


so, one of the tasks in the book is to find interesting rocks or leaves. I want to do both for 2 very different reasons both related to my dad.
The “rock hunting” was something we always did together. We’d go for long walks in the arroyo and look for interesting rocks. We’d come back with our pockets stuffed with rocks. That’s a great memory of me and my dad.
The leaf thing is not a great a memory but it’s better now than it was. We had an assignment in school to collect leaves, display them and label them. I was working on it and was totally happy with what I was doing when my dad said “why are you doing it that way, why don’t you do it like this” and proceeded to take over the whole project. He completed it and I turned it in. The bad thing was that “my” project got chosen as one of the best in the class and was put up on the chalkboard while the teacher talked about how great it was. I always felt shame about it because I never spoke up and said I didn’t do the work. I took credit for something I didn’t do and felt guilt about it for years.
Now I can tell the story without shame, but it took a long time to get to that point.
So…I’ve found 3 interesting rocks and have kept them aside.
The other day I was walking in somewhere and saw a cool rock. I always notice them, but this time bent down and picked it up. It was “rock hunting” all over again and it felt really satisfying to do that. Will keep it up!
Did a bit of that in England in the yard while I paced and talked on the phone. Also, at the beach in Oregon. Guess it’s something I’ve always done and just had forgotten about.
Going to do it this weekend in Napa….

How hypocritical is it

that I just purchased this for a friend that wants to be a writer, and told him to work his way through it, and I’m stuck on chapter 7 and haven’t worked it for weeks on end?



is what I’ve done on this lately!

Have an idea about putting together a charity art show for an organization I’m working with to raise money. Not quite sure how to work it out, but I think writing would be a great idea.


on week 5. The exercise about writing a letter looking back on your life from your 80th birthday really kinda threw me and I’ve avoided this work for a few weeks.
Why is that particular exercise so difficult for me?
I think it’s because I’m in a state of “flux” or tranisition and can’t see which direction my life is going to take so it’s hard to write from a perspecitive of that far in the future.

Am committed to doing this exercise before moving on though.

Morning Pages while waiting

for the interview to start today. I got up an hour early because I mis-read the time zone so I had a good long time to write. Was good and I can definately tell the difference in my day when I do the MP.

Spend most of the day finishing up one shot which has been the focus of my work for 3 days. Loads of tedious time on that but it was well worth the effort!

Much better focus and attitude when I write in the morning. Not quite sure what I’m working out in the AM or why it makes a difference, but it does.

Does anyone else

feel pissed off and irritalbe if you don’t do your morning pages?
I haven’t done them for the last 2 days and I feel cranky.
Any one else with that experience?


the Reading Depravation which frankly, shocked me.
It was tough, but I’m very glad I did it. The hardest part for me was not “numbing out” by reading blogs. Found myself “cheating” a bit on that.
Think this exercise is worth doing because it forced me to be aware of other things that needed to be done. I couldn’t just pick up a book and ignore the pile of laundry or the unwashed car.
The exercise is designed to get you out of your head and start using your senses more. I think it definately worked.
I felt a bit frustrated at times because I didn’t know what to do with my time. Slept alot more than normal but had more lucid dreams. Maybe I’ve just been physically tired. Who knows.
Interesting experiment though and I hope that it’s one I’ll continue to do in the future.
Have no real desire to read even now which is very odd to me.

Week 4

Dying ;-)
This week the exercise is called “Reading Depravation” and the goal is to not read books (except the Artist’s Way), magazines or, my addition, blogs.

Day 1…uggggggh

Didn’t realize how much time I spend reading just as a way of avoiding dealing with other stuff. Like clearing away the pile of junk mail I’ve let accumulate instead of shredding it. Today I sorted that out while I watched CSI:NY.
Now the tv is off and I’m sitting here wondering what the heck to do with myself next.

This is going to be one long ass week.

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