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Get a PhD degree in bioinformatics

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Not bioinformatics

Technically speaking it was post-genomics biosciences. But close enough :)

All taught courses over

All taught courses are over for the MRes… second semester was far better than the first one. Still working but things seem to be better now. I really had some difficult months. But now It is good to have some certainty.

Now I am here

Just at the very beginning.


Just got the ATAS authorization, also this week i got a call from AUO. Its strange, but i keep going. Four years is a lot of time.

Great Thursday.

Last Thursday I got the confirmation from Emma, I got a place for the PhD at U. of Bath. Genomics.


Yesterday I submitted my first draft for my application to get a PhD degree at University of Bath, UK. Next week I will be applying for an ORS scholarship. Things have been moving very fast this weeks. http://www.bath.ac.uk/

I hardly remember when I was doing my TOEFL exam. I was so afraid I will not pass with the minimum points required.

Now I have a one life time opportunity… this surely will change my future.

Thanks PhD AUO for all her support.


Today I have found a term I want to remember. Some time ago, when I first read Contact by Carl Sagan I found the idea of stellar engineering. I want to be a life architect, someone who can project life, make visions of creation take form.
Life is sort of a turbulence in the universe. So complex, so unpredictable, sometimes even seems chaotic, but by the end it is just another way of moving things inside this beautiful space. It is just flow.

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