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DONE!!!!!!!! thank God-now get this monkey off my back!

Here we go again-May 24 is the day.

So I’ve realized that I tend to get freaked out on things that I am not sure I’ll do well in. Hence my annoyance with this friggin GMAT. I’m studying and diving right in. I’ve waited long enough to take the leap.

Sentence Correction

I’m not so awful in this section so I don’t completely suck. I’m registering tonightto take the test near the end of the month to meet my personal deadline. Wish me luck!! Thanks for all the support so far!!

Harder than I thought

Oh my God, I suck…Just when I thought I knew how to read. I’m on the first sample questions for reading comprehension and I keep getting answers wrong. It is scary. I know I’m not stupid. It looks like I’m going to need to train my brain better for this.

Bought the Crash Course Book!

I bought the book today. It’s tiny -Barron’s Passkey to the GMAT. I’ll read it in its entirety and dive into taking a full-length exam with the time and then keep doing it timed until GMAT day….The deadline is set for my personal challenge. no more procrastinating.


So I need to take a practice test and buy a book. At this point, I’m going to do this on my own and I’m just diving in to take it instead of thinking and planning too much about it.

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