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Work on a political campaign

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Work On A Political Campaign

politicalmgmtmasters.online.gwu.edu/     The George Washington University™. Online, Top Rated, & Accredited!

Penn Fels Executive MPA

www.upenn.edu/ExecutiveMPA     Earn An Ivy League Graduate Degree. New Format-Hybrid Program. Apply!

Run A Political Campaign

www.nationbuilder.com/free-trial     Incl free voter file. From $19/mo. Every digital tool for campaigns.

Websites for Candidates

www.campaignpartner.com/     Includes Everything You Need to Win $29 / Month - Launch Immediately

Calling all candidates

www.democracy.com/     Engage voters, build your movement. Free candidate profile in minutes.

Online Town Halls

www.crowdhall.com/     Politicians & Organizations use CrowdHall to hear their audience

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Registered voters at the Indian market this summer

Will probably do more as the election nears.

Happy happy happy

Surprisingly enough I could see myself supporting Hillary, Obama or McCain, so I’m a happy girl…just have to pick the campaign to help with. ;-) This is so much better than when you are only supporting the lesser evil.


I think I could get behind Gore running again. I think a Nobel PEACE Prize winner might be just what we need!

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