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clean my room and keep it clean

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I'm doing really good!

My room is pretty clean right now. I have organized most of my drawers, done my laundry and I vacuumed last night. Next thing to do: clean out the closet and finish organizing fabric drawer.

Got it done!

It seems like such a small thing but I was able to take the bag of goodwill stuff to the actual goodwill on the way to work today. It didn’t sit in the corner of my room for weeks then in the trunk of the car for even longer. It is out of my life and it feels so good.

Friday Jan 8

Today I have to take all my goodwill stuff out and donate it.

Here's to the New Year!!

Well it’s a new year so I have been really cleaning out my room. On New Year’s day I spent about three hours organizing areas of my room that haven’t received attention in a long time. I am trying to change little habits that I have that once added up result in a very messy room.


Wow this one is so challenging for me. Today I have made a new start to the new year by spending hours organizing and cleaning out my room. I have made a long list of things that never get done- mending clothing, handwashing, organizing my sewing drawer, getting rid of clothing and books that I never use. I am about half way there, not too bad! I think that I might use fly lady again as some inspiration for keeping my room in order. It feels so good to have an organized room. I must remember that. I figure that if I was able to get into the habit of exercising every day then I can do this with a little effort and intention.


wow I so have not been successful at this this year, so this is going to stay on my list. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have been messy since I was a little girl.


Mini goal for the week: Make my bed everyday.


Wow this is something that I have struggled with my whole life. I have memories of my mom putting all my toys in a garbage bag and threatening to take it to the goodwill because I would ignore her pleas to clean my room. Now that I live away from home with roommates I have learned to clean after myself in the common areas. But my room is another issue. I try to clean it up every couple of days, this has been working ok.

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