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Complete a sprint triathlon

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Completed the KPLAT 2010
Overhead high waves, goggle malfunction
Tired legs
Tired overall
But completed! Over a year in the planning and finally done!

tri coming up less than 7d - questions!

Oh no!
I don’t think I will be prepared. It is a point to point race so I am confused about what to do with my wetsuit at T1. I know we get to pick up a bag o stuff at T2 but what to do at T1?
I like to be prepared

3 weeks

Ok I have 3 weeks left until this event, the Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Triathlon or KLPAT.
I made a training program up for the next 3 weeks. I have not set it exactly but I have guidelines. 2 days off a week.
1 long bike
1 long run
Several combinations Swim + (run or bike)
2 cardio days (walking up a hill)
Today my plan is to the gym today to walk up a hill with a HR monitor for 45 minutes. I have a cough but I think I will go anyway.

The unrelated photo is of a house at Punt Vierkant, Bonaire NA. I just thought it looked nice.

Ocean 101 Milestone Achieved

I went to an open water swim class today at 0600. This was my first interaction as a member of the Tri Club. It was not too bad. That was my first time in my tri wetsuit in the ocean.
I need to practice my swimming!
Also got a free orange cap. Awesome.

I plan to swim this weekend.

I signed up as a member of my city’s Tri Club. They have weekly events. I plan a beginner open water swim this Sunday in my new “Quintana Roo” suit. I have to get up the courage to go. Mainly it is anxiety over meeting other members of the Tri Club.

taking on values arbitrarily close to but greater than zero

I am making infinitesimal steps towards doing a triathlon. I
- ordered the wetsuit
- signed up for LA Tri Club
- signed up with the US Tri Association
- ordered 3 new anti-bounce bras
I feel really good about these things.

took bike to bike shop for repairs

I had snapped a cable on one of the shifters. They are going to fix it. Also I am getting a more comfortable seat aka saddle.


I have been thinking about the LA Triathlon aka KPLAT and thought I would try biking then running, a “brick” workout. I was on my mountain bike. I thought biking would be easy, but it wasn’t! It wasn’t really all that hard, but more strenuous on the legs than I thought it would be. I went 5 miles in my neighborhood. On returning home from bike ride, I run/walked 2.5 miles. It was hard at first starting the run/walk, but after about 3 cycles I was ok, i.e. at my normal pace and breathing ok. It helped to have the water bottle on the run/walk. I was very sweaty at the end of it.
I will definitely use a road bike on a triathlon. They are way more efficient.

I ALMOST signed up (AMOST yet again)

for LA Triathlon but hit “back” at the last minute. Coach J was dx BRCA and it made me think, “Why am I holding back on things I could be doing, personal challenges etc?” There is a meeting at work about it at the med center on Thurs.

I am inching closer

to entering the LA Triathlon 10/4/09. I am just going to not worry about the wetsuit because I hope in the 2 months until the event takes place, I will have lost enough weight to fit into the large wetsuit. I have a little motivation going now. Good job.

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