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List items I want. Think first before buying. Follow up with "was it worth it?"

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Motorcycle jacket

I have wanted to get this item for about a year now but it is expensive and would not be frequently worn. Maybe not practical as money could be spent on other things. Then again YOLO. I recently learned this term. “YOLO” is short for “you only live once,” and is usually said at high volume when doing something extremely stupid and reckless.


very expensive

giant dog bed

...for people!
Fatboy Outdoor Buggle-Up
First seen by me at Scandinave les bains in Montreal
Perhaps soon in … my living room?
$359 + s/h

Hoarding: Buried Alive

While watching one of my favorite shows, Hoarding: Buried Alive, the psychologist talked about excessive acquisition. I have this issue with certain things. But I’m not a hoarder, I’m a collector.


I have wanted to order this DVD for about a year and finally did. It’s pretty good so far! Getting through DVD 1, which is drills and grips.

motorcycle jacket

I gave away my other jacket. This one looks nice and got good reviews. However, I rarely ride.

new shoes

I like these. They look like belgian shoes my mother used to wear.

another beautiful painting

night and day

Beautiful painting

state sublime


I want to go to New York and buy these expensive high quality shoes. They come in many colors but I am interested in black patent or gray patent. Or mauve.

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