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Never stop learning

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life has it’s set backs but don’t sweat it too much.

i’m now a type 1 diabetic thanks to the viral infection i had back in october. not the greatest christmas gift, but i’ll live my life just the same, and thank god i’m not scared of needles right?

merry christmas!!


mm might I add one other word.


How gorgeous is that word? AND HE RELATES TO EGEIN SPACES!!

Linear algebra profs vocabulary


The words this guy can spit out, I basically fall out of my desk in shock.

Brilliant. I absolutely love that word. Thank you Prof for expanding my vocabulary.



oh god… i have A LOT to learn… i think I’ll just stick to my bike for now.


I learned today that something you learned 5 monthes ago does NOT come back as easily as expected, nor does something that you learned 1 week ago.

Trig, radians, acid, base and the world wars.. what?

I also learned that letting my friends tease me, I should not take it as personally as I do.. but when they’re being bitches, one does have the right to tell them to beep off. Yuuuup.


Would never stop learning be me when I’m walking down the stairs thinking about how I’d be able to find the length of my arm from where I’m far enough down that my arm touches a stair and I could find the angle and apply trig.

OH GOD. I’m actually crazy.


I learned that even though the computer at the store says the item’s IN STOCK, that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to find it even with a 4-man hunt team. Oh well.

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