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learn to crochet


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Free Crochet Instructions

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First Scarf

Finished my first double crochet scarf. I also learnt increase and decrease to create the cute little rounded ends for the scarf. :)

The beginnings of my first crochet scarf

it’s a lot faster than knitting and demands less concentration. It’s actually fun once I got a hang of it. :)

Yay, a square...

I realised why my shape became a triangle… I wasn’t turning it correctly… Here is my first single crochet square :)

Involuntary decreasing

I finally got more than a chain going… doing a single crochet square, ok, was TRYING to do a single crochet square.. .it turned out like a shoe… It’s decreasing somehow on one side and I have no idea how it happened. Any advice please? Thanks in advance.


I spent 2 hours last night reading crocheting books and trying out the beginner stitches. And after 2 hours, I had a crooked chain of about 4 cms… I don’t seem to understand the books and patterns and instructions at all… :(

Some helpful pages to start with


Got the tools

I bought some crochet needles, practice wool and a couple of learn to crochet books. I will start on learning crochet once I finish my knitted scarf.


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