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do 100 crunches a day for 100 days

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90 to 100

Yay, all completed, now off to get married tomorrrow! :)

81 to 90


wow, almost there…

Day 76 yo 80


66 to 75


56 to 65

Another 10 sets done. Also joined the gym at work for 6 months, and booked a personal trainer once a week.

Day 46 to 55

Another 10 days, another 10 lots of 100’s.

41 to 45

Completed, and 2 gym sessions.

Day 36 to 40


Day 31 to 35

done, + 3 gym sessions

Day 26 to 30

I slacked off a bit, but yeah, did 5 more days, and 1 gym session… We are moving house… arrggh, guess lifting and moving boxes also counts for exercise. :)

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