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keep e-mailing Susie and Anne

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Just sent Anne

a long e-mail in reply to “funnies” she often sends me. She is the only person who sends these now. I used to get loads and I enjoyed them.

Susie got in touch

after about 6 weeks silence, and sent a very encouraging and sympathetic e-mail about my dread of being jobless. She has been in England but I didn’t see her as she was busy looking after her mum, who is on the mend now.

This week

I sent Susie 2 books – one she had lent to me called Circle of sisters, and one I loved about rowing, called On the Water. Susie has rowed and she knows Holland – she lives there, and it was written by a Dutchman.

I sent Anne and Andrew 2 books too – How the Irish Saved Civ, and Gifts of the Jews. This is really for Andrew because Relgious Ed is his subject. He is very cagey about what he believes and I would love to discuss these as a starting point to greater mutual understanding.

Monday 21st May

Have just e-mailed both Susie and Anne – asked Anne if we could come and visit at half-term.

This week

I exchanged e-mails with both Susie and Anne.

E-mailed both last week

Susie coming in October.

Anne came with the family the week before last. Asked her to come down to London at Xmas for a shopping trip.

Susie and I are back on good e-mailing terms

it was great to see her at the weekend. Shame it was so short.

Lost Susie's address in great computer crash

phoned her today and had a great chat. Got her e-mail address again.

Just did this

Anne sends me funny things and Susie sends quite long letters!

I am putting off e-mailing Anne

but why?

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