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use up all of my gift cards

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I'm actually counting this as done.

I’ve gotten much better at this—thank goodness because its like money lying around!! I still have 1 kicking around right now, but will go use it soon.

I should include groupons with this!!!

I still have a groupon for horseback riding….I’d bought 4 and we only used 2 last summer!! Time to book another trip with my horse loving girl!!

Working on it!

Used up my Home Depot card buying a pinecone wreath for our front door. The pine wreaths are so expensive and shed needles all over our entryway. LOVE my new (and free!) pinecone wreath! Celebrated with a free iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts courtesy of another gift card. Love it!

A little behind with this one....

but did my best to rectify that tonight. Went out to buy a tent for my son’s campout and went to Dick’s and used my gift card. Then, while I was there I remembered I had Kohl’s card. Popped in next door and got a few things for me. When I went to dig out my giftcard, I realized I had TWO for Kohl’s!! Sweet!! I know, though, that I have a Target and two Home Depot cards still to use up. Think about something we need and then go buy it!! Then send thank you notes all around! Just do it!!

This has been SO fun!

We’ve been to 2 different movies, 2 different book stores, plus out for coffee and for pizza. I DID have alot of gift cards piling up!! Its been great to be able to send thank you notes to the givers and tell them how much fun we’ve had spending their gifts! I still have several more to use up, but in the meantime, we’re having a fun time making progress on this goal!!

I'm horrible at this....

I’ll often times have gift cards for months (or longer!!) before I use them. And to make matters worse, my kids are developing the same habit. Why do we do this?? I just read an article in the Times about how this is a common occurrence.


So, tonight we’re going to all talk about it what ones we all have and then plan a day to use some up. Maybe coffee and shopping or lunch and a movie? I need to just plan it.

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