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5 weeks.....

.....I think I’ve successfully “started running again” now that I’ve been on a pretty good roll for the last 5 weeks (getting out there two-three times a week). Want to step it up now. I’m changing this goal to run more and train for a 5k. Good luck all!

Last run of 2006

Thanks to squarepetal for her inspiration! Did my sour face good to get out and run. Happy New Year all of you runners getting back in the saddle!!

Just a mile....

....even when I think I don’t have time to run, I know I can spare 10 minutes. Throw on my running stuff, do a quick stretch and out I go. I have a little one mile loop that I can do if I “don’t have time” to go running. I can always fit in 10 minutes.

Ran this morning with my daughter

My daughter was up early this morning and wanted to come with me. It was dark and she was nervous. She’s only 10, but she’s getting to be a good little runner. She’s good company to run with too—not one complaint. Probably because she’s in much better shape than me!! And she kicked into high gear once we got around the loop and could see the lights on in our driveway. :)

I went running this morning.

I do LOVE the fact that I’ve been running in the mornings. Got out there again today. It was just starting to get light. I watched as lights went on & people started their days. Its not so much about my time or my speed. Its just enjoying it. I’m SO glad I added this goal!!

I dusted off my running log @ www.coolrunning.com to track my miles.

I went running this morning....I haven't been able to say that in a long time.

I went running this morning…..I haven’t been able to say that in a long time. I didn’t go far. But it was a great first step.

It was 5AM & dark. And peaceful. Not one car went by. Some people had Christmas lights on—either folks were up early or forgot to turn them off.

I’m so glad I added this goal to my list.

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