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Moment of clarity.....

....I’ve been beating myself up about this goal. I’m always thinking I do not much extraordinary with my life, so not much to add to this goal. But then my moment of clarity hit. I’ve been working toward so many goals that are important to me and as a result have made my life much more fulfilling. Since I spend a little bit of time everyday working on these goals, I AM seizing the day. I may not be climbing Mt Everest or scuba diving in Belize. But I’m not hanging around wasting my life either. I’m counting this goal as done and will no longer get down on myself about it :)

I think of Dead Poet's Society...

....carpe diem, sieze the day boys, make your life extraordinary. I feel like I’m falling WAY short of this goal. I sometimes feel down because I’m not taking the time to do extraordinary things. Lately I have been trying to spread my wings and do things I’ve wanted to try, but nothing that seems extraordinary. But I wonder if that’s just me being restless. I need to sit and contemplate this one and figure out what it is that I really want out of this goal AND my life.

Skated in the moonlight

I skated in the moonlight tonight. My husband was down on the lake clearing the snow off the ice. I grabbed our skates and we put them on and finished clearing the ice in our skates. Once we were done we had fun skating together. The sun set and the full moon rose and our kids joined us on the ice. We had a fun game of tag in the moonlight. A slice of family heaven :)

Hosted a cocktail party for my 12 closest girlfriends.....

.....we drank margaritas, ate yummy food and gabbed until late. I just finished cleaning up and now I’m exhausted. But exhausted for a great reason. :)

Helped a friend......

....who really needed it today. I had to upend my schedule to do it, but it just didn’t matter. I was there when she needed me. And I feel great about that.

I’m going to make dinner for her family tomorrow night and have already called another friend to bring a dinner in a couple of days. Hopefully then my friend will be doing better.

Played hockey.....

....granted this was with my kids, but we had a big audience of ice fishermen watching us. We only had 3 sticks, so my husband used a shovel for the 4th. It was so fun.

In the past I would have just let the kids play and hung around and taken some pictures. This weekend I played!

This counts for two goals. I got out there and seized the day PLUS I played with my kids! Bonus!

Another full day.....

....spent a good part of the day painting at the house. Cheered on my son at his ski race and brought food for the team to eat afterwards. (I love feeding my son & his friends! Even if its only brownies & munchies!!) Laughed so hard with my daughters while they are learning to snowboard on the bunny hill (they are both skiers that would like to be better snowboarders). Spent some time practicing the piano while dinner cooked. Watched the first half of Munich with my son. Had a good discussion with him about the israel/palestinian conflict. Planned for another full day for tomorrow!! :)

It may not be bungie jumping, but I had a whole lot of fun today!!

A full day :)

Was up and out early this morning. Spent most of the day at the lake house. Had a friend and my brother stop by to see the progress on the house and I was happy for them to see it! Chatted and had coffee with both. Painted alot. Enjoyed the first day of solid ice on the lake :) Cheered and groaned along with my whole family (and all of New England) as the Patriots lost the playoff game to the Colts…..

Its 7:10 on a Saturday night.....

....the old me would have been in for the night. I’ve been out most of the day. Saw my daughter’s play and visited with friends. Schlepped kids here and there and now I’m home.

Instead of putting on my pjs, I’m waiting for my teen to finish his shower and then heading over to the lake house to paint. I bribed my son into coming with me. He’s been out all day and was going to stay home and do homework. I told him I’d buy him a hot fudge sundae if he’d bring his homework and keep me company :)

Maybe this isn’t cutting edge, but its a step toward seizing the day. And night!

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