liana in Ann Arbor is doing 40 things including…

become a good housekeeper

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Finally :)

I wouldn’t say I’m a “great” housekeeper or anything, but the goal was good, and good is good enough for me. Here’s the three things that really helped:
1) minimal clutter. It’s not like we were all that cluttered before, but after two moves in seven months, we got REALLY uncluttered!
2) a chore sheet. I’ll be happy to share mine, if anyone wants. It’s just one page, with two categories of chores: daily chores like “make bed” and “sweep,” and chores done once a week divided between me and my husband. The truth is, we don’t often get to the once-a-week chores, but keeping up with the daily chores keeps the place pleasant. I laminated mine and put it up on the fridge, and it helps keep me motivated: cleaning the house is one thing, but a tiny job that takes me five minutes and then I check it off, I can do that, and then another.
3) home-made cleaning stuff. Real cleaning stuff irritates my eyes and hands, and so I wasn’t using it enough. These days I mix up about half vinegar, half water, with some essential oils (I use tea tree oil, peppermint and grapefruit, the latter two just for scent more than anything) and use it on everything. I put it in a large plastic spray bottle, and it’s cheap and easy to use and doesn’t irritate my skin.

... and not just someone who lives here!

I’ve learned a lot about managing a household while I’ve been unemployed; I’m now pretty good with cooking, for one thing, and the place is generally clean enough. I’d like to do better, however, about getting into a habit and not being lazy. I enjoy my life best when I’ve done what I need to do in an efficent fashion, and I have more time besides… I have to remember that!

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