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I’m only going away for a couple of days but I already miss my kids. I guess it’s because I’m so accutely aware that our time together is coming to a close because they are going to both be out of the house shortly. Still sometimes I need a break. And they need a break from me. So I will enjoy this short break and remember that they are probably happy as clams to have Mom out of the house for awhile.


A great Christmas just the three of us. Thoughtful presents given, received, time spent, cookies consumed, lots of hugs and kisses. Thanks God.


I told my daughter yesterday that I like driving her to school. We get so stressed some mornings that I forget that she probably thinks I think of it as some giant hassle. I don’t. One day she’ll be gone and I’ll be glad I held her hand sometimes in the car on the way to school.


I have to adjust this because my oldest daughter is at college. We aren’t great phone talkers and she got the idea that I don’t want to talk to her (NOT true). I’ve written some emails but I don’t hear back from her. Hmm. I take that all as a sign that she’s happy and busy but maybe I need to come up with a different plan. Money is an object. Sure I’d love to just have a 3 day weekend with her regularly but I can’t even swing the plane ticket. I will ponder ways to do this.

Less money, more love

I adore my children and I don’t regret not working more. I’ve spent time with them and will continue to do so until they are both out of the house and on their way. We’ve done with less materially and I know people have judged us about that sometimes but I don’t care. I only care about them being okay.
I probably didn’t do everything perfectly, but I think the girls know that they are my priority. Not my only interest in life but my heart is there.

My youngest daughter...

Still always sounds happy when I call her. That first note in her voice tells me. When I come home at night she often comes to the door to hug me. I love that so much.

We had a golden moment together

I string these like pearls on a necklace and ignore the bad things for the long haul. So yesterday we went on a long bike ride around the lake. It was about 50 degrees and my youngest was trying out her new Christmas cruiser. So proud and happy.

The target keeps moving

Just when I think I’ve mastered a particular developmental stage with my kids and I’m really relating well and understanding what they need…they move on! Okay now we seem to be in the I like you but don’t talk to me phase. Definitely quit with the advice giving and just please don’t embarrass me.
Feeling Sad but I understand, they are 16 and 18.

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