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Started writing a spotlight for my volunteers

It’s just a small way to show them off, make them feel appreciated and for me to fulfill this goal. I’d like to remember this more…give credit where it is due. Brag about people in front of others. You know do the stuff everyone secretly wishes would be done for them.

I tend to be good at this

It’s an understated skill. Setting things up so that people look good. Giving credit where it’s due…and where it might be due. Helping people to see themselves in a good light.

I'm recommitting to this because I like it so much

Ever notice how people who are generally positive are so nice to be around? There’s so many challenges today. Everyone has a burden, plus there’s so much negativity in the media. A positive person who has a good word to say about you to others is such a breath of fresh air.
I want to be more like that.

One of the things I do best.... recruit and train people to be child advocates for our local court system. I notice a lot of people on 43things have “volunteer” as a goal, which is admirable. I see volunteerism as the fast track to deepening your understanding of who you REALLY are. If you want to learn meaningful stuff…volunteer. It will shine a light on those you help as well as on you.

I love this goal...

I always have believed that there’s lots of opportunity to shine for all of us. It’s not some scarce commodity. When we shine the spotlight of grace on someone else and let them have their moment, a little bit spills back on us. It’s fun.

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