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get married to the love of my life

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I think the best I can hope for ....

is just to find someone nice and be okay with that.

Oh yeah...

I suppose I should write a sad poem in my journal and MOVE ON! Which I will. Eventually.

I feel completely crushed and used by men.

The last entry I wrote in here was in my last meaningful relationship. It lasted 3 years. I put a lot of myself into it and he ended up leaving me because I was sick. I’m not really crushed that it’s over, we were wrong for each other. Just the way it was done. He ended it shabbily. I feel exhausted by relationships. I just want someone who loves me back. I’m a giver and have tended to attract takers. I’m watchful of that now. Maybe it’s too late for me. Maybe I’m spent. I worry about that.

I think he and I are making something special here

I feel like I’m being the most honest and open I’ve ever been in a relationship. I’m putting it out there. Of course he’s a gentle, kind person, I checked that out first. Also I’m working on being an accepting listener and friend. I’m being the person I want him to be to me. He notices.


I’ve been alone too long. I need love. I need normalcy. I want what other people have and take for granted.

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