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Lose 18kg of weight


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lightbee has written 4 entries about this goal

Ugh again!!

Gone even more backwards. Now got 25kg to lose. And until my health is on track I can’t exercise, which makes it harder. But I’m not giving up. I will do this.


Gone backwards. So essentially starting again. Except now I have 19kg to lose. I hope that will be easier to do once Uni is over, as I will be at work more and can use the gym there more often. And I tend to snack on sugary lollies when I’m studying. So I should be able to stop that.


I’ve done well so far this first week. Lost about a kilo and a half. Fingers crossed that all goes well when I go on holiday next week. That always seems to be one of my challenge situations.


Okay – let’s be honest. My starting weight is 83kg. So 18kg should get me down to 65kg. I could be very happy with that!!


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