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i love me mum

today was not a great day but i am thankful for my mum. I got fired and instead of getting yelled at she just reasures me and tells me about times she’s gotten fired.The woman took time off of work just to cheer me up. I’m very lucky. so todays positive is my mother.


my dad’s girlfriend died this morning. I feel like a jerk for everytime i’ve complained. i can’t imagine what it is like for her kids. And i can’t stop thinking that could have been my mom.


lately i’ve been a little depressed. Not majorly but just a little down with everything.I put this goal up 2 months ago . i really need to stick to it.

positivity is hard as hell!

I’ve been strugling with this one recently. Don’t get me wrong i do have a lot of things to be thankful for.I have overcome a long battle with psychosis after a year of hospitals and treatment facilitys but i can’t help but be reminded of all of the shit going around in this world.My Dad’s serious girlfriend of 2 years was diagnosed with cancer 2 weeks ago.They gave her 3 months to live. It’s horrible especially because this woman is thin athletic and a nonsmoker not to mention a mother of 2 and only 40 years old. So why do these things happen? IT is so sad and this woman is not alone. We all know at least 1 peson dealing with cancer or any other type of physical or mental illness.
So i have decided each time i log in i will list one positive.Who knows it might just go somewhere.

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