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alright, confession, i have a ways to go

Alright, alright, I’m not so good at accomplishing this. That’s why it’s still on the list.

Read Ephesians Chapter 1 for bible study yesterday

Yesterday, I read Ephesians, Chapter 1, twice before bible study.

My goal is to finish Moore's "A Heart Like His" within a month, so I can return the book to its owner

I want to finish going through Beth Moore’s “A Heart Like His,” by the end of April, so I can return it to Manda. She’s graciously lent the book to me. I’ve had it forever. Time to give it back, especially since she’s moving soon.

I'm trying to get back on the horse again

My accountability partner suggested we do our respective devotions today. Though I had a million of other things I wanted to get done before going to bed – look at logic problems, make an Intro. to Phil. test, date pictures – I decided that devotional time had to be done. God first. Moreover, this is a good time to remind myself God first, especially since I’m in a bad mood and feel crappy.

Let's get back to it, what do you say?

Alright, accountability partner, let’s get back to this goal. What do you say? I’ll report back the moment I’m on it!

a confession

okay, time to confess. i went on a devotional time hiatus, not on purpose. no excuses. i stink. well, i did devotional time today. can’t check this off this list and count it as “i’ve done this” until i’ve done it consistently for several months, at the very least.

whew, that was a close call

well, i did my devotional for the day. just finished, in fact. that was too close a call. need to do my devotions earlier in the day; come on now!

still doing it, but don't want to wait this late to do devotionals next time

just finished devotionals for today. but, i don’t want to wait til so late in the day for devotionals. should be towards the beginning of the day, when i’m more alert.

three for three

alright, i finished my third out of three days of devotions. made sure to do devotions before dissertation work.

already, the time is mid-afternoon. where does the time go?

so far so good

i’m 2 for 2. did devotions yesterday and today. and, today, i even started looking at material for teaching sunday school to junior high and high school kids. yes, i am teaching them this sunday. scary for them, huh?

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