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identify 100 things that make me happy.

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#61 - #65

61: Living in a place that isn’t over 100 degrees Fahrenheit 3/4 of the year.

62: Delivering my second child vaginally.

63: Having a close relationship with my sister, even though she lives on the other side of the country.

64: Watching “Lost.”

65: Knowing that Jesus is Lord and Savior.

#56 - #60

56: This semester – going to class on Wednesdays.
57: Going to Starbucks to do my reading.
58: Catching up with old friends.
59: Encouraging friends and people in general.
60: Listening to my youngest daughter coo and laugh.


51: drinking coffee. coffee is the legal happy drug of choice.

52: breastfeeding my children.

53: helping my neighbors.

54: being a mommy.

55: teaching.

#46 - #50

46: Seeing my daughter bounce up and down with excitement and glee when I get home.

47: Getting away to the beach with JUST my husband. I love our daughter, but keeping our relationship thriving and growing is so important.

48: Having the cooler weather we’ve been experience in the last two days. Isn’t “cool” and “South Texas” an oxymoron?! If it stays this cool tomorrow, I’m definitely taking an outdoor walk.

49: Drinking ginger ale.

50: Eating chocolate ice cream.

#41 - #45

41: Singing.

42: Knowing that sometimes the only thing that will comfort my baby is the sound of my singing voice.

43: Taking a walk with my husband and daughter at the end of the day.

44: Teaching an adult Sunday school class at my church.

45: Hearing people share their life stories with me.

#36 - #40

Wow, I just noticed that I’ve listed ‘taking photographs’ THREE times!

36: Seeing my baby clap her hands, play ‘Peek a Boo,’ and wave, all in delight.

37: Going to the beach with my husband and daughter on our anniversary (we went August 3rd, to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary).

38: Having dinner, just the two of us, on our anniversary.

39: Watching “Mr. Bean” episodes.

40: Enjoying a deep tissue massage.

#31 - #35

31 Breastfeeding my baby.

32 Taking photographs.

33 Singing.

34 Reaching out to others and helping them.

35 Realizing how much others care for me, through their encouraging words, time spent with me, or gifts they gave thoughtfully.

#26 - #30

26 Having sex with my husband.

27 Playing games, such as Skipbo or Rummikub.

28 Taking photographs of people.

29 Making a deliciously scrumptuous meal and sharing it with family or friends.

30 Eating chocolate covered strawberries (especially ones from the Candy Factory in Columbia, Missouri).


21: Drinking a cup of caramel apple cider.

22: Witnessing firsthand all of our baby’s milestones.

23: Having a clean home, especially clean bathrooms and a clean kitchen.

24: Receiving cards or letters from friends or family in the mail.

25: Walking along the beach.


16: Using the mug, with munchkin’s picture on it, that Hudbuds gave us. I use it almost everyday.

17: Getting gifts from my honey, such as a rose and a card on Valentine’s Day.

18: Receiving calls from friends.

19: Talking with my sister frequently.

20: Hubby doing nice things for me upon his own initiation.

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