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plant a vegetable garden

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The vegetable garden didn’t work out so well in 2010 and I didn’t do it in 2011. In fact, I took out the garden that we had as it was overgrown with raspberries. Going to try for an above ground garden in pots on the patio in 2012 with corn, green beans, peas and more :)


I planted Corn today!
Now I need to elongate my garden to plant the rest of my vegetables. Did have DH run the sprinkler system, so I know where the heads are at. Now to call, so I can make sure there are no underground wires there.
I let the raspberries grow three more plants, I’ll probably stop any more from spreading, but I don’t think that will happen until next year.

To Do

This week:
-read the sheets I got at my class about the planting times for the vegetables I want to plant
-determine the varieties to plant (no more than 3 varieties of each)
by May 1st
-pick out more corner posts/supports from our wood pile to make the garden longer
-get wire fencing for the garden to keep the rabbits out
-call before I dig; call at least 2 days in advance
-have dh run the sprinkler system so I can see if there is a sprinkler head in the area of the garden that I need to avoid!
-and oh the seeds

The final list

Green beans
raspberries (if they come back from last year)
watermelon or cantelope (not both)

I’ll have to check the space these need to grow (and maybe cut the melons), but from my class I learned it is good to plant a couple of varieties to see what you like (and then just plant the variety you like the next year as much as you want.) So i’ll check what room they need and see how much I can plant. I also don’t want to plant too many different vegetables- I am learning and don’t want to take on too much this first year. :)

Gardening class

I’m going to a veggie gardening class for beginners this week offered by master gardeners- looking forward to it and learning a lot!

Other possible vegetables:

tomatoes (to make spaghetti sauce)


1. Size

Currently the garden measures 4’X 8.5’
I can slightly more than double the length: Will build it at 4’ X 17.5’ I could probably get another 6”, but want to leave room at the end.

Other Possible Vegetables

Green beans


This will happen next spring at this point, but I have to do a few things to get ready first…
1. Determine the size of my garden. (I already have the location planned.)
2. Pick my vegetables! So far, I’d like: Potatoes, Carrots, and Peas.
3. Read when I need to plan the veggies I pick and how far apart to plant them from eachother.
Should be fun :)

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