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We had an Easter picnic at our house yesterday and it was beautiful out! :) Had shish kabob’s, veggies, fruit, chips. Delicious! :)
Got the niece and nephew twist out crayons and sketchbooks and brought out the genealogy stuff for this family that I have been working on.

Scrapbook and Dinner

Scrapped with my sister yesterday and had a great time. Then we got a call from our great friends and all of us went out for pizza. It was a wonderful day :)

Rage - Star Wars - Dinner with my Sister

So in the past month we’ve:
Gone the the Rage against the Machine concert- they’re great live..and no riots after :) everyone just went home.
Also- we went to the Star Wars exhibit at the science museum. It was neat to see the models and outfits close up- some of the pieces to these things were basic/simple items, and they made up an amazing series of movies.
Andddd Dinner with my Sister, just the two of us, I had a great time!

Scrapbooked the night away

I got to enjoy time with my sister, not think about work, have pizza, and scrap!

Went swimming last weekend

Summer is wonderful!

Chuck E. Cheese

Went here for a 2 year old’s bday today..everyone had fun playing games :)


We went to the Clutch concert last week- they’re great live. That was the second time we’ve seen them; I’d definitely go again.

Old Spaghetti Factory

We ate at the OSF yesterday and it was really good. We tried the spumoni (icecream of chocolate,strawberry & mint(?)); it was delicious :)


I watched an episode of Gumby on my lunch break the other day :)
and the Dinosaur aka Dragon (that’s what he called himself!) breathed fire :) I thought is was funny… :)

I want to:

Laugh More often
Do random things/go to random places just because!

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