lindseydevries in San Juan is doing 43 things including…

stop biting my nails

12 cheers


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lindseydevries has written 14 entries about this goal


i’ve been doing pretty good still…last week i half ripped/half filed them down so they’re pretty short, but not gross short. this is still much better.

i'm doing pretty good.

it’s been about a month and i still haven’t touched them! i’m so excited. :)

i think i've started again. :)

my boyfriend agreed to stop smoking if i quit biting my nails. fair trade. i think i can really do it this time.


i think i can, i think i can.


i’m about to give up.

it’s out of control.

ok....take 2

im going to try and start this back up. it’s never too late.

Day 39 - crap.

all i remember was being frustrated with the boyfriend, and then they were all gone. all my nails are short again. now it’s even harder to leave them alone because it’s already over. 39 days of hard work down the drain. i need some strength to get going again. it’s not over..i hope.

Day 37 - oh my.

it’s getting harder and harder. i’m getting frustrated with so many things that i just want to bite them all off. grrrr. i need to be stronger, much stronger.

Day 34

I’m still not really biting at them. but i really really really want to today. today more than ever. im trying to be really strong.

Day 28 - I'm proud of myself.

I have no idea what made me stop, I think it was just this website and getting the goal officially out there. It was pretty much as easy as me just stopping. Usually my nails are hurting from being so short and sometimes even bleeding. Now they’re normal looking. I’m really proud. Great success!!

I’m not sure when to say that i’ve completed this goal. I think i should wait for 100 days maybe?

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