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still going strong!

I’m at the point where one morning I reset my alarm for 6:00 am in my sleep, but woke up on my own at 6:45. My body has adjusted and I’m feeling great! Now I just need to be more disciplined so I can accomplish more with all this extra time.


Made it through a weekend of waking up at 6:45 am both days!

It’s astonishing how much more I’m getting done. I made breakfast, read, and even cleaned my entire room (dusting included) by 9:15 this morning!


This is surprisingly easy!

Through a completely random power problem at the house, I found myself trying to plan my lessons for Thursday by the light of my laptop. After an hour of sitting in the dark, and the death of my laptop battery, I decided to simply go to bed, which meant I would have to wake up at 6 to plan lessons and get ready for classes that started at 8:30! Ok, honestly, I cursed my alarm at 6 am – good thing I had placed it across the room – but after dragging myself out of bed, I was fully awake and working rather quickly and easily.

Needing to wash my hair Friday morning before the rest of my three roommates (all girls) made a mad dash for the bathroom, I chose to go to sleep earlier than usual again and wake up at 6. I didn’t get to bed until 11:45 because I decided at about 11 that I wanted to do a workout video – weird, but hey, who can say no when you actually have motivation to workout?? Once again, alarm across the room, the first few minutes were rough – but once I set the coffee pot going on the gas stove and started smelling it, I was ready for the day.

Since it IS the weekend now, I decided to compromise between all the progress I had made and my nagging urge to sleep in to celebrate the end of the teaching week. So, this morning I woke up at 6:45. This whole challenge might be easier than I thought – I practically jumped out of bed. Granted, I’m not bounding out the door for a morning run quite yet (though I have hopes for that in the future), but after making some coffee, I settled into some reading wide awake and feeling refreshed.

Maybe I’m onto something here…

healthy, wealthy, and wise?

We’ll find out. Wealthy is certainly out of the question as a Peace Corps volunteer, but maybe waking up early will contribute to my being healthy and wise. In this hope, I have until the end of the month to set a pattern of waking up no later than 6:45 every morning.

Background; typically I fall between the early and late risers, getting up habitually between 7:30 and 8:30 most mornings. Weekends tend to be between 9 and 10. Weekends will be, by far, the hardest part of this challenge, but perhaps it will help with my other goal of rediscovering my love for running – what else will I do with this much time?

Today; woke up at 6:00 to get ready to start teaching classes at 8:30. It was painful, but not as bad as I had anticipated.

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