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Yesterday, I had the house to myself for an hour. I moved all the furniture to give me some space, turned on Pandora, and hooped like I’ve never hooped before. It was glorious!


The weather has finally warmed up around here and I picked up the hoop again. I really regret not being able to hoop in the winter, but there is just no room in my house. I’ve really missed this! When the cold weather rolls around again, I’m going to see if there are any gyms or dance studios that will let me practice in their space. How will I ever get any better if I only practice half the year?

This time around, I’m serious!


Along with the awesome hoop mom got me for Xmas, she also got me two Hoopnotica dvds. I wasn’t sure what to think of them at first..I mean really, how much hooping can you learn from a dvd? But seriously, they’re great. The class I was taking last year was fun, but slow. The class was aimed more towards the middle aged women yoga crowd. And there’s nothing wrong with that! Power to them!! I learned a lot, but the pace was slow. This wasn’t a class to learn any professional skills. There were no other classes near me in NJ, and the classes in NYC were soooo expensive. $30 a class? I think not.
I bought a book which taught me pretty well, but it’s hard to read and hoop. This Hoopnotica dvd is awesome though. It’s a good pace, the hoopers know what they’re doing, and it is so much fun. I’m addicted!

Mom got me

a collapsible hoop from Troo Hoops for Christmas. THIS THING IS AMAZING. Ohmigod I love it so.

Got my hoop

and my book and I looooove it. I could just spin this thing all day. I can float it above my head, spin around with it, and walk without dropping it. Last week it was kind of raining, and I was the only one who showed up to hoop class. We got to move really fast since there was no one else to wait on. It was great! She taught me how to spin it on a front and back angle and how to barrel turn to connect the two. Then she was amazed that I could barrel turn on my first try :D

Next step…FIRE HOOPS!

Just kidding. I get carried away sometimes.

Found a hula hoop

book on Amazon…. I might ask for the Hoopnotica dvds for my birthday. I really can’t get enough of this :)

For two days

I scoured the internet looking for a good quality hula hoop. The hoop class teacher sells her own hula hoops…but I wanted something made for me. And new. I finally found a seller on Etsy that made some great looking custom hoops. Sooo excited to get it!!


my hips! My legs! My abs!
How is it…that I am…sore already…?

The first half hour of the class was boring. We just hooped. I was so disappointed.
Then came the second half of the class. We walked while hooping. Lunges. Plies. Squats. We played a game of catch! Kicks. Spins.

It was so hard! I love it!

And I got a mega compliment…after the class, some of the hoopers asked me where I took classes before this one and then were surprised to learn that I never took a class before. That means I’m not too bad!! :D:D


Time to buy a fancy hoop!!

I was supposed

to go to a hula hoop class Tuesday evening. All week I was superpsyched. Once I go to that class, it means I am on my way to becoming A HOOP MASTER.

Tuesday afternoon, me and Boyfriend play tennis at the park. And I, like the idiot that I am, proceeded to run around like a racket-wielding high-on-caffeine-and-sunshine maniac, proclaiming “I can do this forever! I have more stamina than anyone!”

Two hours after tennis, I was sunburned, dizzy and had a headache, and all the water in the world could not keep me hydrated enough. Another half hour outside and I miiiiiiight have had heat exhaustion.


Luckily, hoop class is next week, too.

Dear abs,

Y’all better be ripped by my birthday.

With love,

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