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shift Q and Noodle into their own bedrooms

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Their rooms are so big now. My room is a bit overcrowded with bins and things I don’t need in my bedroom, but it feels good to walk upstairs and tuck them into bed.

Also taught them how to make their beds this week. You know, for fun. Now I’m trying to train them to make them each morning.

Major progress

We moved our bed downstairs a week ago and are slowly shifting the rest of our stuff down to clear out the bedroom. Have set out our plan of action: Move our stuff, clean the room, paint the room, move Q’s stuff in, paint Noodle’s room, paint our new room.


Even as I see this becoming more urgent, I feel it’s also less feasible. I’m just not sure how to pull it off. But perhaps I’ll just put it off till this summer and try to figure out a plan then…

getting more urgent

Q is becoming modest (!) and also they keep setting each other off, particularly at bedtime. Q will do something outrageous (oh, I don’t know, use the bathroom first?) and Noodle begins to cry because she’s tired. Noodle’s crying will set off Q into a screaming rage because he’s tired.

Also maybe if I sleep further away people won’t wander in multiple times in the night.

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