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Man am I glad to have this behind me.

For some reason TurboTax wouldn’t let me file my taxes online, so I still had to staple my forms, fold and mail them. Once that was done I had to go to the New Mexico state tax website and go through their online forms, which turned out be something of an adventure since it first told me I needed to pay money, then on a second visit told me I had a refund due me. Chumps.

So man am I glad to have this done.

almost done

I spent almost four hours doing my taxes last night with the help of TurboTax and ItsDeductible. I only ran into two snags: capital gains and non-cash charitable giving.

Capital gains for stocks are a nightmare because while e.g Ameritrade certainly tracks tax gains and losses it doesn’t report them on the 1099 or on any accompanying paperwork. I have no idea why this is true.

Non-cash charitable giving is unpleasant because ItsDeductible only tracks a few hundred items, and doesn’t have a category for new items, only for used items, so I repeatedly had to type in custom items to get the names and prices right. Still it was better than tracking that stuff by hand.

I still need to print out my forms, sign them and mail them, so I’m not done yet. For some reason TurboTax wouldn’t let me file electronically. And I still need to do my state taxes, but in New Mexico that’s just a matter of copying a few numbers from my 1040 onto a webform and clicking on Send.

Yip yah.

  1. Last year’s tax return, for the ever-present capital loss carry-forward.
  2. Software. The paper-to-software move is kind of a trapdoor; once you go through the government in its wisdom stops sending the full-blown 1040

Man. I think that’s it. I should get this wrapped this weekend.

two weeks, five days, and counting

I’m leaving the country for three weeks in less than three weeks, and I won’t be back until after tax day. I think I’ve got all my paperwork together. I just need to get software, sit down, and put er, pencil to paper, or something.


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