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list the books I read here to recommend them to others

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The Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer

brilliant. nuff said.

recent library books I've read

The Secret World of Witchcraft by Jason Karl – was ok but not as good as other witchcraft books I’ve read

The Soul Trade – weird one, will be watching what I say to shopkeepers in future!

dead haunted by phil whyman

really good, but not one to read at night when you’re alone!

recent reads

Industrial Magic by Kelley Armstrong
Me and Mr Darcy by Alexandra Potter
Hit and Run by R L Stine

Doctor Who - Winner takes all by J Rayner

the doctor as played by christopher eccleston is capture beautifully on paper, you can imagine him doing and saying everything really well! good story too.

skinny bitch

written by two american skinnies basically tells you to become vegan, exercise and drink water. spends most of its time describing in great detail how the cows/chickens/fish go from being animals to being food in a grusome way. was disappointed with this book.

PS I love you by Cecilia Aherne

real weepy, made me want to hug my fiance and never let go but worth reading, good book

the alchemist by michael scott

part one of the secrets of the immortal nicholas flamel series about magic and adventures

sorceress by celia rees

sequel to witch child. anges has dreams of mary and what happened after she stopped writing her journal. anges tells the story to her grandmother

witch child by celia rees

pages of a journal are loosely sewn into a quilt, a quilt that lies undisturbed for more than 300 years until it is carefully taken apart for cleaning and out of its folds falls a powerful and moving story. Mary kept a journal and is the grandaughter of a witch.

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