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it's be in a band, not be in bands, two bands..

I’m kind of split in two.. With the first one, we have the name already, myspace and facebook accounts, we play another gig in that library we played before. We called the cafe we wanted to play in, the owner was very happy, but said that they’re redoing the cafe now, so we have to wait until it’s finished. Plus.. our lead guitarist is going to leave us, at least for some times, because he’s going to study in Great Britain, but we get a response from a guy playing percussion. So I guess we’ll meet with him soon.
For the second one we’re trying to find a nice name. But we went to a friend of A. and he listened to us, gave us some advice, told us that we have to:
1. get a name
2. get a logo
3. record something
4. make a photo session…
and he will organize some gigs for us. Firstly a gig in a local high school, admission free. Then at some conferences and some pubs, he wants to take 1/3 of our earnings and won’t interrupt if we arrange any gigs by ourself. It’s not a bad deal in my opinion, because we don’t expect much money for this. For our current playing we will be happy just to play and if we get some money, any money this way, it will be just great! :)


a microphone and a mic stand. And I think we’re going to play in a pub. Maybe we can even get a little money playing there, because we can take ‘the tips’ if people give us some. But for now we’re planning to records some of our songs to put them on myspace, as well as some pictures and videos from our first gig.

the gig

The gig was ok, better then we expected. Actually it seemed that the performance will be terrible after the rehearsal before the gig. B. and F. left for a while when I was practicing the violin duet with my teacher and after the gig they told me that they wanted to run away and leave me there on my own, because we were doing so bad at the rehearsal.. But fortunately they came back ;) Our performance turned out pretty good for our abilities and the amount of rehearsal we had. I was also surprised that so many (more than 30) people came to hear us, I know that half of it was our families and friends, but I guess for a library gig and our first gig this is pretty much. Plus the owner of the library invited us to play again this summer!

playing in a library

It seems I’m in a two bands right now (or more like duets), one is with B. and one with A. With A. we’re playing covers and with B. we’re playing his own songs, though we did one mine too. Lately my violin teacher asked me if I want to play in a library (there’s a cranky librarian there who wants his library to be an extraordinary one, with cultural events every Thursday), so I thought we can play there. One Thursday me and B. and the other me and A., my teacher said it’ll be absolutely great, because the librarian lack the people who wants to play there. There’s no sounding equipment, but we can play acoustic, that’s not a problem. Besides this concerts in a library will be great try before playing real ones (I mean for money), at least we will know what we have to improve etc.

starting our own songs

Today I went to my friend and we played some songs. I also played him some themes I came up with recently, he said they’re ok and he’ll try to do somthing more with them and write lyrics maybe.


ok, so we have it settled more or less. It’s 19 songs and now we need to learn how to play/sing them.. which will be a harder part of this whole thing ;)

first rehearsal

Today we had our first rehearsal and played and recorded Joanna Newsom’s ‘Good Intentions Paving Company’, it was fun and I had a great time :) We haven’t progressed on preparing the repertoire though..


We actually will be playing together, yesterday we was talking about the covers we want to play and I think we will be even playing in a pub or someplace like that to get some money, now it’s just time to choose the songs and master them.


Now I’m focusing on my final exams, but as soon as my summer break starts I’m going to make some music with my friend. Plus there’s another friend who asked me to play with him, so maybe we could play all together, I’ll figure it out later ;)


ok we’re starting a band with my friend ;>
We booked a rehearsal room in his school for Mondays for two, three hours, but for now we’re starting with covers. Maybe we will play in a restaurant to make some money this way ;p

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