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play in a symphony orchestra

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My teacher told sth about joining the orchestra the next semester. So probably I will be able to ‘tick’ this goal very soon. In a month or two.

in a year

If I stay in a French horn class and pass this year I’ll probably will join the school’s symphony orchestra in the second semester of year 2.

Long and winding road

This year I’ve passed the exams to music school, so maybe this goal is not a lost cause? But it’ll take really long to find it out :)

This is my dream, however..

..probably it will never become true, because I failed the exams to the music school (if you don’t go to music school there’s no chance to play in an orchestra..). Still can’t get over this, because I’d had 22/25 from the hearing exam and failed the practical one, where they were asking me questions like: why I want to go to music school in that age (aah right I’m 18, I’m sooo old that I need to retire..) and why I can’t read notes (and what is the music school for, huh?) But anyway this is my dream, so I’ve put it to my list.

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