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make a decent amount of money by selling things I make

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I think I might give making cards more of a serious try. the materials are dirt cheap, and they don’t really take TOO much effort.

here’s one I made, while teaching an art class (so I was essentially being paid to make this card. yay.) – it says “have an egg-cellent day” on the inside. cheesy sells.

finally getting back into it.

updated etsy

etsy #3

new etsy listing!


I opened up an etsy shop the other day to sell some of my knitted items… and then I looked around for things I could list.

I have boxes and boxes of things I’ve knit and hardly ever worn, so you’d think I’d have plenty to list. But noooo.

All my knits are from patterns. Copyrighted patterns.

So I’ve begun a new and dangerous knitting odyssey – making up my own patterns. And it’s skedhrekjhyksrjghseldkjg hard.

I can find my gauge, add a stitch pattern, and create something wearable, but I’m ultimately aiming for adorable and irresistible on top of that. We’ll see how it goes.

If anyone has any suggestions for knitted/sewn accessories they’d be interested in purchasing, let me know!

To see my sad little one item for sale, visit


Josiah’s hat: done. but very possibly too small. it fits me, though, so it’s no serious loss.

my first comissions

Josiah saw my Space Invaders tea cozy and asked for a beanie in the same design. I’m making it with GLOW IN THE DARK yarn. This will be amazing indeed.

Annd Jerry wants me to make him some pots to hold things in. Like guitar picks and pens. Weird. But okay.

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