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i got my new specs yesterday. they finally came in and its amazing how different it was looking through eyes with a prescription that wasnt 7 years old! now my right eye and left eye are equal in ability which amazes me…. the right eye had been so much worse when i looked at thing i just learned to squint my right eye yet not my left to see…. and for the first day it was odd getting used to not doing that but it amazes me… even my headaches seem lessened


i went to the eye drs this week.
my current glasses are 7 years old and i wanted to be able to get a new pair and new frames.
at first the dr said no that he thought my current ones are fine. but then when i threw a fit and told him no that my right eye wasnt as good as my left and i wanted the prescription changed so that both eyes are able to see equally well he finally caved in and agreed.
so the frames i chose are a color called gunmetal. theyre a silvery blue. i havent done frames with a color in them since i was like 11 but i really liked these. they are a metal frame not a dorky plastic or something so theyre actually cute. they should be in around a week, so once i get them ill have to take a pic to post.


i went and got the catscan done today. the drs appts within the nexzt couple weeks then i should be able to get new glasses soon


went to the eye drs last wed. he wants me to get a catscan before i get the new prescription. says i failed a few tests. he says he thinks i might have a brain tumer. i think hes a quack but whatever ill do it if that will put me one step closer to seeing better. the eye that failed the test was my left even though my vision has remained the same in my left. my right eye needs a stronger prescription.


my current pair and prescription in them are 7 years old

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