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Down to 17

Graduated with honors!

Down to 18

Cooked for the parents.

Down to 19

52 books this year!
Card to family!
Stayed in the black!

Down to 22

Went back to Boston!

Down to 23

Take more pictures
Happier by myself

Down to 25

Knitted something I will wear and use and am more artsy.

Down to 27

Being more independent!

Down to 28!

It’s been so long that I’ve finished 6!

Stressing less
Making money
Loving more
Got over the fall of 2006
Getting up when alarm goes off
Got a job

Down to 34

Don’t see any grudge holding in me and have new job that requires dressing up more than once a month.

Down to 36

Forgot completely about the puzzle I finished and feel like I have done the whole organizing thing.


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