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hike 9

was really just an art stroll around the castle grounds at Wanås- It was fun and interesting to walk and look for art hidden among the forest. But we did cover a bit of area through the forest and walked at least 3 km.

mt esja

in Iceland was a wonderful place to hike. We made it up to the guest book to sign it.

hike 7

We hiked the blue trail outside Hörby. It is about 4 km long and used by the orienteering club for practice. The terrain was purposely a little difficult. We did find 10 geocaches along the walk. My sons were most impressed with the hunting tower they explored there and the pile of junk they found in another spot. If any of us ever take up orienteering, we will be sure to use this practice trail again.

hike 6

We walked the red trail in the Fulltofta forest. I didn’t bring my camera with me. Instead I had my GPS so we could find 14 geocaches. It was a pretty easy hike, about 7 km long. Just typical forest in our area. My son said he’d only go back here if there were more geocaches to find, since he thought it was kind of boring.

hike 5

Today we went on a hike at Vomb Lake for the first time. We had to get through the pine forest, then the beech forest, and finally the birch forest to get to the lake. We were all pleasantly surprised by how beautiful it was by the lake and even had our picnic on a tiny beach there. We found 2 geocaches near the lake, and stopped to get a few more on the drive home before it started to rain. We all thought it was a beautiful place and would like to visit some other time, but then we might bring bikes and ride around the lake.

hike 4

We hiked at The Robber’s Den, which is a beautiful area with historical and geological interest.

hike 3

Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument-
Because of the rain showers, we made this a short hike, but enjoyed it anyway. We all learned alot about cacti and bushes of the desert.

hike 2

was along the Painted Desert Trail on Jan. 16. It was really a short hike but interesting from a geological view. We even learned about the formation of hoodoos.

hike 1

was to the top of Telegraph Pass. I have tried this hike once before with the cub scouts, but we only went about half of the way that time. This time we made it to the top. New Year’s Day 2012!

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