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let a guy take me out this month

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locochona has written 3 entries about this goal

JC is out

Uh, I liked him well enough on the first date, but I found it really annoying that he wanted us to act like boyfriend and girlfriend (being cuddly) ´cause I don’t know him and he’s not my boyfriend…

And there were a few other details that I didn’t like.

But what I really didn’t like was the text message on Saturday morning (asking where I had disappeared to, asking me to please check in and miss him a little bit) and then the phone conversation afterwards, where the first thing he said was “get out of bed already lazy!” Grrr.

I don’t even know the guy and he thinks he’s hysterically funny… we talked but he complained about how sensitive I seemed to, how I get angry so easy, and that I should have a better sense of humor.

Then I went out with a really cool guy Saturday night, who is NOT insecure or pressuring me, or otherwise annoying in anyway.

I really don’t feel like seeing JC again.

But hey! That’s two guys who I have “let” take me out this month!


I let Juan Carlos take me out yesterday. I think I’ll let him take me out again!

I don't feel like another blind date..

I’ve had a few suggestions or invites, but they are from guys I’m meeting online, who I have barely begun to chat with.

I could let one of them take me out, but I am really tired of internet dating! And I didn’t go out this weekend…

locochona has gotten 4 cheers on this goal.


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