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I loved your style.

Goodbye Jerry.



I got a call yesterday.

I looked at the phone and I didn’t recognize the number. I answered. I don’t answer unknown numbers on a normal basis. I mean.. my voicemail fills up everyday. When I do talk to people… they always tell me that my voicemail is full. [I know it is.. they don’t have to tell me.]

I recognized the very very famous voice and I straightened up my posture. The person said: “Did I catch you busy? i…i.. I was opening a foundation yesterday. I was sitting down with 15 people surrounding me. This lady walked up to me and said: ‘I am good friends with someone you are working with.’ I didn’t look up. Then she said a name. That name got my attention and made me stand out of my seat. I stood up out of my chair.. stepped away and pulled that young lady aside from everyone to talk to her

“She said your name to me. I knew… i.. i.. I told her you were a genius…”

Wow. I smiled and gave a nervous laugh. It’s hard to take that sort of respect from someone that has done so much in this world. He is very famous and commands so much respect when he talks. When he walks into the room you will stop what you are doing and pay attention. I do exaclty that because there is so much I can learn from this man.

That call made me feel good.


“Need Wings” by Jean Sebastien Monzani

“Need Wings” by Jean Sebastien Monzani

So very close

... so I answered my phone yesterday and the person asked: “How does it feel… tell me how if feels.”

“It feel’s grrrreat. Let me check..” (grabbing crotch) ”..yeah.. it feel’s great.” [I stole this move from J-diddy]

“we are almost there. we are so very close.}

John Logue

Friday – June 26, 2009

A 6:30am call. The second in a row. I didn’t recognize the number. I answered and the man told me he was “Danny”. I recognized the voice. He said he heard that John Logue was murdered on the radio. He asked me: “Isn’t that Barry’s friend? Can you confirm before I call the cruise ship and notify them?”

The 2nd contact that Friday morning was a homicide detective. Reality sat in on what happened and I didn’t ask another question.

I appreciate John Logue in my life very much. He was very friendly. I think mostly, he just wanted to be a part of your life and help as much as he could. I recognize John in everyone that I meet. I see him in our lives. I am lucky to have known him.

The 3rd contact on my Friday, I told someone: “As you go into your day today… much love to you! Smile and know you are the best”. I meant it.


"Shot Not Taken... Goal Not Scored"

I remember when I first heard this phrase. I was lucky to be in the car with Eric that day.. I was dating Laura at the time and went with my friends to Beer Fest.

Although Eric and I met by happen-stance that day, we would develop an incredible friendship. He drilled into me the words: “Shot not taken… goal not scored.”. So maybe he will be a United States Senator sometime soon. We have this deal worked out where I will be hisspokesperson (we worked all this out 10 years ago..I have to quit any current job and go work for the “people”.) Gotta love this.

I hit a mark… but not there yet. Only for the grace of God.


Bling Bling Ching

Well.. Well… Well.. Bling Bling Ching made it into a singles magazine. I am so proud of her.

Every few weeks I meet BlingBling for dinner.. and every month, I am so very lucky to be one of the few on the “A List” for her Weekend River Cabin Blowout Party – that she has every week. (question 4 in the interview). Now… I have been to a lot of parties in my life (right now matter of fact) and her party ranks right up there at the top.

It is an amazing experience that I wish upon you. Some reading this, no doubt, have been. Props.

you dap?



I want to ask him why he murdered Cody.


1971 – 2008

Goodbye Michelle.



I sat at a table tonight with 11 other people. I showed up a bit late and was asked to sit at the very end of the table. At the other end was another child. I love that.

After a glass of wine, the woman beside me said: “I can feel your energy.” I said: “I am soooo ready in this world..” – she said: “I can feel it.”

I knew it… I felt the tremendous energy when I sat down.. I often do. I have always wondered if people around me can feel it like I feel it. The answer is that you can/will. The energy will hit you. It has to.

It was an incredible night celebrating a birthday. I am so glad that I made it.


Closed a Chapter...

Today a chapter closed.


photo by Jean-Sebastien Monzani

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