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Loren Poppet is doing 29 things including…

Beat my depression

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it is over

It is over.
Over. Over. Over! Over. Over. Over. OOOOOOOOOVVVVER!

Oh my God. I am so glad! – I am about to burst in tears of relief thinking on how well I am compared to 1 or 2 years ago!
I can not look back that part of my life… I even did not use 43things after a while…but now I am here.

It is like spending 2 years with a dark stormcloud over me all the time…
Like I always had this darkness around me… like I do not really remember what has happened during that time… it just passed by, unnoticed while I was deep low all day and night…

I am so glad now!
I changed a lot!
I am still not like I was before, but well we grow up over the time.
I just need to restore my self-confidence now – yes, depression did make some damages that you have to restore thenafter…
It is party back, but I need it all… I still get confused sometimes, and I miss my extremely confident teenager-self when it comes to career. She was always the best, shocking for others being so extremely outstanding.

Well, yes. I got back to life.
I did so many things… I will write another entry upon how I did it.

Hope you guys are also getting better!
Wish you the best!


Another valley of depression…
I dont think this early-darkening thing does good to my healing depression…

I had few cries this week. However job makes me feel at least better and meke me go out of the house in the weekends and aftErnoons too.

/43things is not iphone compatible…:(/

waking up

Dreaming is comfortable. – you are over reality and time.

Depression is like dreaming always. – at least for me.
Daydreaming at home, on the bus, everywhere.
I barely remember of the last summer, its just gray clouds above me… i dont remember of the burning Sun.

I have dreams closely every night. Sometimes I am in others skin… And whenever I wake up- it happens I wake before 5 a.m. I always turn back to dream more.

Dreaming is like a fortress.
It has thick walls protecting you from the outer world.
but they capture you at the same time, enclosing from everything outside.

i wish to see the world again!
but the waking hurts just like the first rays of the daily Sun hitting your eyelids.
I would turn to the walls far from reality, far from the sunrays.

But this way I never could see the Sun…

hopefully no more fear of exams

Yesterday I passed one of my exam I feared so much: 1 written part: 2 calculations 15 testquestons than if you pass you have 2 theroetical themes and 1 practitional issue to talk about and do it in excel + calculation…

I passed with a C- I mixed up few things… sht
The teacher asked me as he was checking my index do I fear to turn up? bc. he sees that I am going to anatomy only in August…

I answered him yes…
And he said: “but you have to be confident in front of your patients as well”
“but between the patient and me my knowledge is more” – he got what I mean… that I FEAR of THEM-my teachers their knowledge! They write our medical books- they publish so many things! 80% of publications come from my university in my country and thats huge!!!
And he said: “so you have to practise being more confident, behave like that as you would know the most in this room”
Awww probably he doesnt know how good was it to hear!
- btw out of exams I look like someone hyperconfident, and even I pretended to be very conficent during the exam however one min before i was like i would collapse…

So by going home I was like yeeeeeaaaaahhh I have beaten this subject, I listened to my iPhone while walking to the tram. I love that little street. I saw the brightness of the sun,

- I hope it will last till my next exam and I dont just feel this only now right after this exam.

I am sooo happy, one layer of my dark clouds has vanished.

over the worst part

I think this is the main goal that I have to reach in order to have enough strenght and happiness to start on other goals of mine…

BTW it is not the worst part – I am closely over it already. I feel like it is the end of the thing, however I still have really bad moments.

Pfff… the last 1,5 years are like a great black stormcloud over me. I just remember happily of my winter holidays in France: Chamrousse and Risoul. Other things even the Summer, I do not really remember of them – except working at the clinic that was supercool- other weeks felt like always being nervous and sad bc. of something… awww I want this Summer to be supercool, we have already booked our partyholiday with my university friends and awww I just so want to be happy…

PPl do not recognize that I would be depressed. I cried myself in front of my grandparents last week – it was a real cry for help- and they were like “it is not you! you are too strong to do such things” Yes, surely I found pathetic to do such a thing like crying in front of others- even relatives, but I really was suffering to get some good words and love or just attention as they have to realize: “hey, I am not all right, please do not bother me with extra stuffs what I have is enough for me now I do not need extra problems”

I just do not want others to bother me – i got tired of it, eg. to talk with dad in the name of mom, bc. they do not talk each other or just listen that everyone in my family says you have gained weight- gosh dont you think i have realized! oh and surely you got it when I used to be 47kg and now i am 61…:( btw I have told my grandma she can mock my cousin about it she was never ever thin, mock her about it, not me! btw it would be ok if they say it once but constantly… argh /note my doctor realized it was hormonal so now i get medication and hope i will lose weight/ Or my mother… she is always saying you should do this you should wear that, you should. gosh mom leave me be! “i just want you to be pretty and smart” – she is the typical mom who wants to live her dreams in her child… -she admitted it twice, but did not realize i wasnt ok and it pushed me even deeper… now i told her about why i was made so much failures in the last yrs and she was also what? you are not like that! – my stooopid ENTJ personality that do not let others see my weak points… it totally great at school or job but not in the personal life… /as 14 my family feared me xD xD i would never thought it, i did not hurt them physically or any, they said i just had a fearful personality/

So it is really the end of my energy and I want to beat this shit without medication or else- like others said I would not turn for real help- so they must stop annoying me with extra stuffs.

Well it is really strange nowdays bc. sometimes I can be really happy but i can get instantly extremly sad as well -it totally freaks me out, and I fear that I might do someting not kind of easily can be erased thing to myself in a bad moment. :(

/aww and I must come here regulary, I havent been here for months and did not really moved on my goals and I feel like “standing in the same water” for long time/

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