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lostdusk in Ipswich is doing 35 things including…

be healthy


lostdusk has written 4 entries about this goal


today = fail.
Started okay. Then, it went downhill. Got a massive milkshake from shakeaway (peanutbutter cups, icecream, whipped cream ect) very tastey, but not healthy! Then, had a lion bar. Then, a toblerone, 2 rolls, a piece of cake, 3 biscuits, peanut butter. cheesespread, chocolate spread, chocolate, cereal, a happy hippo, lots of icecream.

Writing it down, it looks disgusting. Why oh why?
I’ve worked out though, junk food starts me off. I was okay untill the milkshake (encouraged by friends >:( ) Thing is, I eat the chocolate ect, but I dont enjoy it. I don’t even though why I eat it. I wish I had some self control. I feel like crying right now.

From now on, NO MORE JUNK. Hard thing is, I have work tomorrow, junk food aplenty, and it’s all free. I will resist. If I really, really, really, crave cake, I’ll get some bread or something instead.

The guilt is stacking up. I need to lock away my junk, hide it away. In fact, I am going to go and do that now. Then, I am going to do some exercise. It’ll make me feel slightly better, even if it doesn’t reverse the damage.

oh dear

Not sure what’s happened to me recently. A couple of years ago, i embarked on a healthy eating program. I did really well for those two years, I was really good and stuck to it. Of course, I did have treats every now and then. It also became a bit of an obsession, but, it didn’t turn into anything major.

However, recently, I have taken a bad turn. I’ve become a binger. I can’t just have one biscuit now. I’ll have one, then return for another, and another, decide to have some chococlate, eat more chocolate, have some peanut butter, then some chocolate spread, then some ice cream. So on.

At first, this was very occassional, I thought little of it, scolded myself, ate less the next couple of days, everything was in balance.

Now, it happens very often. 3 times a week, sometimes. It will catch up with me sooner. I spent ages getting the body I have now, I don’t want to ruin it. I get mega bad cravins now though. I never used to, that’s how I stuck with being healthy for so long.

So, I’ve turned a new leaf. I kept telling myself ‘not tomorrow or ever. The guilt and feelings of sickness are not worth it’. I did it again regardless. I think, by writing here in public, I will be more accountable. I hope so anyway. Even though tomorrow I am out on the town with friends, I’ll do my best.

First, I need to prioritise my eating;
sort out calories. Just try to get 2000 or under. Then, I’ll sort out where they come from, healthy sources I would hope.
Finally, I will try to get a good % of fat, protein and carbs. I’m way up on carbs and fat.

Not too hard, I can do this.


Today’s trip to the dentist really encouraged me to eat better and not snack on things like chocolate and fruits between meals and in the evening just because I have the extra calories.

I went for a filling, and to get the results of my x ray. Had the filling, traumatic enough, then found out from the x rays I needed two more. I could have fainted. The holes are really tiny, the only the dentist knew I had them was from the x ray. So not much drilling. not that it’s any conselation. Aiming to make these my last 2 fillings!

Fruit, sweets, chocolate and other sugary foods will only be consumed with meals. If i am hungry, i shall eat low sugar foods. Only water and tea and milk will be consumed between meals, and fizzy no more than 2 times a month, and only with meals.

here’s to hoping!


okay, so I am joining this from ‘lose weight’ I have lost weight, and now want to focus on being healthy to maintain this new body.

but also, i mean it to be healthy in every other way too.

So, I am going to make a list of 5 things I can do to be healthy, and this time next month, we will see how I have progressed.

1) Do not drink fizzy drinks ! I’ll let myself have them every now and then, like 1-2 times a month, but only with meals! My teeth have too many fillings, I’m getting another one on monday and I hate having them done and knowing that I will have them the rest of my life. Also, diet fizzy drinks are nothing but chemicals.

2) Do toning exercises. I need to build a little muscle and tone up flabby areas.

3) Stop being angry! This is bad for my mental health! Anger gets me nowhere compared with being nice. So what something doesn’t go my way, deal with it!

4) Stop eating unhealthy leftovers. What is the point of me eating a seperate healthy meal, just to finish off the remaining few (salty) baked beans, or the little left over custard ect. It just makes me eat more calories which I could spend better on healthy foods.

5) get enough Calcium! I need at least 1300 mg a day. i find this hard. I drink lots of milk, I eat fortified foods. But sometimes it just isn’t enough. I have 400mg suppliments, which I take when I really can’t get up there with out going over calorie goals. But I want to get the calciu in my diet.
500 mg for breakfast
300mg snack / drink
200mg lunch
300mg dinner.
It’s getting it in dinner I can’t do. Need to look for good plant sources, not spinach!


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