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lostdusk has written 35 entries about this goal


I’ve been neglecting this few a few weeks.

I’ve got to spend a week or so going over everything from genki II now.
So, my adive, don’t negelct your language learning, be consistant!


I’ve finally begun to knuckle down on katakana. I’ve got Hiragana mastered and a fair amount of kanji, but I never liked katakana so I never learnt it.
I know 25 katakana so far (well, more if you include the shi into ji ect)


Worked out my vocabulary at Japanese is about 1000 words. A lot of this though is passive. I need to make it active vocabulary!

Chapter 18

Transisitivity pairs. I had always been a little confused when reading about these before, but now they make much more sense. They actually seem pretty simple in essence. Just gotta get them automatic in my head.

Been listening to Jpod 101 a lot these last few days. I’m going to have to wait a while though before I see a difference in my listening skills. It does help a lot though. I look for lessons with grammar points covered in my genki series, since it does give a lot more insight into some of them.


I kinda feel left out compared to many people who are on this goal. Most others here seem to be a massive fan of Japanese cartoons.


Coming on much better.
I’ve discovered that, reviewing a point everyday for about a week after initially learning it helps a lot. Then after that, I can tone it down untill I only need do it every few months.

I need to listen to more material, I have the ability to / the resources to, but I just don’t. I’m going to head back to Japanese pod and buy a subscription, that site is really useful and well worth the money. Also, it’s good for reinforcing points genki teaches me. so I learn from genki, then test my listening skills in Jpod. Because, I’ve noticed, my listening skills suck.


I have to find a balance between learning too much and learning too little.
I think I go too fast.
I don’t review enough, I need to spend more time drilling ect.

It’s hard to find the right balance though, because when I learnt languages in school, we were lucky to cover one new grammar rule a month (More like one every 2-3 months, but this was with only 2 lesosns a week). It felt too slow.
But I to too many each week from genki.

Review review practise practise.


Could Genki II make -たら sound anymore confusing?
I speak English, not gibberish!


I had halted with this.
But now I am back in full swing. And regretting having stopped. I kept telling myself ‘tomorrow’ and of course, tomorrow never came.

Anyway, I’m having to do a lot of reviewing, next to none learning. However I am hoping for this to pass quick enough so genki 2 and I can become re aquainted.

I have untill august to decide whether or not to take JLPT kyu 3 this year. I think i shall, I will have to kick myself up the ass to get there confidently, but I know I can do it.

The hard part will be getting there.


I cannot put into words how lazy I have been with this lately.
Okay, I WILL get back on track.

I was doing so well, i don’t want to undo any of it by being lazy.

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