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organize my home computer

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Doing this like a mutha

I’ve put all my pics in iphoto onto Flickr except the ones I just imported today, I’ve uploaded all important docs to Amazon Cloud for back-up, am in the process of uploading all my CD’s to Amazon Cloud Player, I have sorted and organized all my folders and I have cleaned my desktop off numerous times but it needs to be done again. So I just need to:

Clean desktop again
Put all my contacts into my address books
Put all my bookmarks on a bookmarking site – still trying to choose one.


I just deleted over 30 discs from my itunes that I don’t need in there. Sadly enough I am sure that in a few months they will be replaced with new CD’s. Plus I’ve got at least 10-15 that I never even loaded in. Is 18.8 days worth of music really too much to have on your PC? Maybe I just have too many pictures on my computer.

I started

I took all my discs into work and downloaded most of them onto my work computer (we have some sick memory). I am going to organize all of it there and chuck some stuff and burn new discs. I still have crap from my home computer that I need to disc but I didn’t have any free ones.

It's a mess

I’ve got too much stuff on my itunes and too many pictures in my picture folder and am always low on memory. I need to:

1. Skim down my itunes
2. Disc all the pictures that are in my picture folder and then delete them
3. Download and disc the rest of my pix from my camera
4. Scan all my pix from the pre-digital camera age and disc them
5. Scan all important documents and disc them
6. Scan or retype and disc copies of stuff I’ve written (pre-computer)
7. Take all my discs and make a list of what is on them, see what I don’t need anymore and reorganize them
8. Back up my hard drive!!!!!
9. Take all discs that have pictures and important documents and irreplacable stuff on them and make additional copies to stick in a safety deposit box

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